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Neerja is a Canadian artist, living and working in Mississauga (Ontario). Art has always been a very vital part of her life. She started drawing from very early on and as far as she can remember, she has been inspired to create.


After finishing Bachelor of Fine Arts from Punjab University, India, she worked as graphic designer. This made her artistic endeavors shift from art to computer screens. She immigrated to the USA after marriage. Though she was busy raising kids, but still kept her passion for art alive by doing free-lance design and artwork.

In 2009, She relocated to Vancouver and the beauty of Vancouver really inspired her to immerse herself completely into arts again. A constant source of delight and artistic stimulus, The West Coast renewed my energy and vision.


She volunteered at Surrey Art Gallery in BC. In 2010 after moving to Mississauga, she started teaching Arts in private studios and at her home studio. 

Artist Statement

“Paintings have a life of their own that derives from the painters soul” (Vincent Van Gogh)


I have always been fascinated by nature and how it reveals itself in distinct colors and forms. I capture the serene and compassionate forms of nature to explore the mystical side of life, which helps me find peace, insight, and harmony within myself.

 I have taken a bold novel approach to my work, moving beyond the earlier work of playing with single medium to concentrate on a fresh modern style, of manipulating poured paint, ink, and resin. My paintings usually consist of many layers of high quality colors, inks and art resin. The luminous color interactions created by currents and waves as the light dances between them fascinates me. I find the process of creating these paintings using dynamic colors, fluid movements, and organic compositions very meditative.



  • Artists' Network, Canada

  • Mississauga Arts Council

  • Visual Art Mississauga

  • White Oaks Art group